Here at A Plus Water, we specialise in the supply and delivery of high quality, potable drinking water for your domestic use. The water is purchased from the Council and has been filtered and treated to ensure complete safety for all domestic use all around New Zealand.

Safe Drinking Water

According to the World Health Organization, the safety and quality of drinking water is crucial for our development and well-being. Maintaining the balance of body fluids, controlling calories, energizing muscles and helping our skin are just a few of the many benefits of drinking enough water. 

Yet, in some cases, drinking water may also carry some specific waterborne diseases. Diarrhoea is one of the most widely known diseases related to poor water quality and can negatively affect your long-term health. This and many other waterborne diseases are something we cannot see or smell and definitely do not want to worry about. 

In order to guarantee that the drinking water you receive from A Plus Water complies with the highest quality standards, we are registered with The New Zealand Ministry of Health and undergo regular quality testing.

Fast Water Delivery

Drinking water is something we want to get fast and hassle-free. And here, at A Plus Water, we really understand that. 

We are proud to offer a friendly, honest, reliable, and PROMPT drinking water delivery service… each and every time! Whatever your bulk water needs are, just talk to one of our team members first and we will be happy to adjust to them. 

Being the largest drinking water delivery provider all around Franklin, we are happy to offer fast delivery to all our customers. Contact us with any water question you may have or just order the delivery and we promise to help you - on the same day in most cases, or the next.